Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kiddo #1 wants another baby brother and I rapidly changed the subject with a ... How about a pet!!!!? ... 
and #1 answered: COOL!!! how about a Giraffe? that would be awesome mom!!!! 
... mmmhh ... What name did you have in mind for your new baby brother?...

I think she is going to ask for an elephant when she turns 6.. and for a moment I felt like the mom in the Calvin and Hobbes comics.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

So little M , my #3, had surgery yesterday morning. Nothing serious thank goodness, lets just say he had pipi problems and hopefully we wont need a second surgery, but even it was something simple it was nerve racking, especially when they have your baby with full anesthesia for 2 hours.. anyway he is such a trooper we had to stop giving him solids and milk at 9 pm tuesday, and the surgery was scheduled for 10:50 am the next day , he could only have pedialite until 6 o'clock wednesday morning and then to make matters worse the surgery was delay for another hour.. and you know what my little M did all the time? he suck his thumb, no whines no cries no worries he did so well and smiled at everyone and laughed, like trying to say Mommy I'm very brave everything is going to be super fine... and Momma on the other hand was a wreck as soon as they took him away I couldn't stop crying , but two hours later he came back to us already awake and laughing again.. you couldn't tell that he just had surgery. Thank goodness is over.

Monday, April 14, 2008

the result of that tingly feeling I mentioned...

We are going on a beaR hunt...


a bear!!!!!

Okay... so we did tons of things this past weekend,  we exceeded our fun limit (that is what Hubby said) we literally couldn't stand up from bed today in the morning. 
Everything started on Friday, we went to a late night movie Nims island, have you seeing it? my kids loved it, they will love anything that has animals, ocean and dancing... super cute, we liked a lot. We laughed a lot. 
Next day, imagine it childrens museum, not that cute but they had an amazing little jazz concert that made  the trip and then we went to this park just in front of the museum that the kids just went bananas... this proves that the best things in life are free. We had an amazing time just going up and down this crazy slippery dip, that looks like a conveyer line with rollers all the way through. Kiddo #2 slept (she sleeps a lot) most of the time and just a couple of minutes before leaving she wakes up and of course we couldn't leave so another couple of hours we stayed..

anyway  Sunday we wanted a little more relaxing day so we stayed home planting and painting and dancing and reading and eating and.... at this time I need just a couple more days of this... so much fun... people should work only from Monday to Wednesday.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

(a witch fRom Right east. SpRing witch)

This one is a watercolor. Haven't done watercolor in a while. It's almost ready but not yet. My morning studio time became baby sitting time for my brother so didn't do much... I'm hoping tonight. 

I hope your weekend was full of surprises and full of good things.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Almost 3 weeks ...3 weeks that I haven't had a chance to color any of my drawings... there are so many that I like and want to finish soooo bad,  but I haven't had a chance at all. I'm hoping to make this Saturday moRning a "Mama at the studio" time.. because really, how long can a drawing stay as a work in progress, when they haven't have any progress at all.. before they end in the "  mmh.. I never finished that one either " 
so Im hoping to come back next week with some finished work, and I better hurry soon because I can feel in my blood that my interests are going to change very soon. It does happen often, you know?, I really like to experiment with different media, right now illustrations and drawings are perfect because of the space and time I have but I can feel it,   my mind is being wandering around different things and I start having that tingly feeling in my hands and stomach ... 

I think this is the one that I'll will work on Saturday... is from the series the way seasons travel..

(I know you've done it millions of times, but can you fly not so high this time?)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Papa is really trying, but #3 still does not want to sit down, he is getting better though. Me? o no I'm enjoying not having to chase him all over the place yet.  Papa? if you are reading this don't encourage him please?...