Friday, February 29, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First of all I want to thank every one that stop by the blog in this past days, you have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you all for such nice comments.

Today was an amazing day for me.

I woke up with tons of things in my mind (as always), and thinking what a busy and stressful day was going to be... Im not good with stress, you will tell me: but who is good with stress? well, I know a lot of people that do well with stress, that doesn't mean they like it, but they do well, they manage themselves..  

Me?!!! not so good  I really panic, I sweat, I mumble, I forget, I trip all over the place, I get hurt of course because of the tripping thing, I branch a lot ( that means my thoughts start going all over the place in less than a second and I can't focus) I yell and this is when usually a green monster starts overcoming my nice and sweet me...  not a pretty picture.

So, today I woke up with that butterfly  feeling that tells me is not going to be a nice day.. 
I'm trying to get my 2 girls to get dress ( which if u have a 2 and a 4 year old together in the same room you'll know that this can take at least 20 min. they giggle they chase each other, they jump OHH WHAT FUN!!!  but dear reader is not when u have to be at their school at 8:20 and is already 8:20 and both girls are still in panties), by this time the baby is usually wide awake and having a blast watching the whole family circus going all over the place, but today he was still asleep. I grew up with a Dad that his favorite hobby was to wake you up when the best part of your dreams were on... 
That is why I try so hard for my children to wake up when they are ready to do so..
I believe in the power of sleep, the more you sleep the happier you are!!! 

So going back to baby .. everyone was ready to part.. and baby asleep, profoundly sleep. It was gorgeous , sooo beautiful and peaceful.. and looking at him I was thinking to myself,  how in the world can I wake this little one and take him out in the cold weather? (beautiful cold weather by the way: it was snowing! we live in georgia!! little snow of course but snow).
Anyway just about to wake him up, Husbando of mine comes to me and says: don't wake him I'll take the girls to school ,.. ohh he is such a blessing , he saw it too, he saw how that little one needed that sleep sooo bad and that he was enjoying that moment so very much and in that moment I knew that this day was going to be a special day with my little potato next to me.. and like my Dad says all the time.. We did nothing and we did it very slow! 

I decided to focus in the little tiny things and to worry about the rest for tomorrow.. and it was an amazing day with the little one.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

illustration fRiday - Multiple

  (Long hat society of apprentice witches)

I did this drawing a couple weeks ago, and I thought it was appropriate for this week theme.

Monday, February 25, 2008

There are this days, when ideas don't stop,  the more you work the more ideas come to your head.. and yesterday, while I was laying in bed with k#2, (she was throwing up all night the poor little bugger) my brain just couldn't stop. You might be thinking great!!! but I didn't have any paper around me, the little one would start crying every time I tried to standup and by the time we fell asleep and the time I woke up exhausted of course only two of those great ideas stayed with me... sad story. The great news is that my kid woke up without any symptoms so we are happy.

Other thing I found through the night was this  tree house, have no idea how I got there, I guess the typical surfing around trying to find inspiration, or interesting blogs or whatever, anyway is amazing, is one of those things that I have always dreamed of doing and here we go again another thought that wont stop in my head.

TOO MANY SKETCHES, TOO LITTLE TIME!!!! but I'm loving every one of them.

okay this is how it works, I wanted to draw a little farmer with chicken's around him, the next thing I know a seal appears out of nowhere and now I can't find the chicken's.

This is Autumn in summer, from the series Three seasons and Autumn".. He is kind of resting, cause is summer u know... nothing to do.. peace and quiet, sun, water...

but there is always something isn't it?

                                            (title: and I thought this was going to be a quiet evening)

And this is Summer, dragging the sun behind her, of course this are only scketches, some of them work  and some they just... they just need a little bit of work... mmm tons of work maybe.

And here we have the mermaids,  the last one she is already on Etsy.

And there is more, but that would have to wait for later in the week,  because hubby is trying to sleep and he kind of hates the computer light.  Bye bye!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Can't believe a week has passed and I haven't being able to post anything. Well the kids were on their winter brake, and for two days little kiddo # 2 (yep the same that redraw my sketch) has being sick, not big time but enough for me to stay away from my computer..

Anyway today I finally signed in and I found a wonderful surprise!!! I got my first comment!!!!! and it was actually a good one!! and the best thing was that it came from an artist that I absolutely dig her artwork!!! (I'm proud to own an original artwork of hers!! ) her Etsy shop is called DUDADAZE check her out. I think her work is fantastic!!! and she also has a beautiful blog,

Many thanks Diane for stopping by!! 

For quite some time now I've being thinking about mermaids, but none of my sketches have fancy me enough to actually finish them, this week someone ask me If I had some or if I would be willing to make one So I went back to the drawing path and this time I feel like something better is coming out, not yet what I want exactly but better.. will see what happens, what did came out is the idea of the third and fourth drawings of my series in progress Little boy and his best friend rabbit.. for those who have visited my shop ( if you are here reading this is because you have, because is the only place I have announce my blog) you have probably seeing that series.. So, tell me again why am I the dragon? and Mhh that's more like it!!! , well the only thing I can tell you now is the title or what I think will be the title : "Here we go again" and "I'm glad Im not the horse" .
I don't have pictures now but I promise that I will at the begining of next week.

I do have pics of another work in progress... "mhh, good that we are not in a hurry"

Yep you guessed right, this is Autumn he decided to take the slow long ride home, good thing is not even spring yet , right?

Autumn is my favorite season, and all year long I look forward to it that is why Autumn makes its appearance in a lot of my drawings even when Im drawing about some other season, but some other time when its actually closer I'll talk more about it, I don't want to forget about spring..

Enough for today.. see ya next week with more pics, and less talking!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Colors have a mind of their own, some of them are super easy to use and some others... well, they just want to pull your leg a little bit before they let you work nice and smooth on the paper. And that goes in hand with printing, GEE !!! with some drawings everything comes out super fast and easy, like "Girl with her pet snail" I think everything turn out good in this one, love the colors, the whole drawing has good composition and in no time she was out.

...and then comes Antonia, she just didn't want to be colored, it took me probably 2 months to decide what colors she was going to wear and finally, she is finished, ready to be print and guess what? Im in the 12 try and it hasn't come out right... Girl with her pet snail? just one try and it came out perfect !!! Antonia? a whole different story... 

maybe she wants to be OOAK. MMMH... will think about it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

woRk in progress...
So Friday night I went to bed super late, that is what usually happens every week because I know marvelous hubby will be in charge of the kiddos the next morning, and this week specially because he traveled all week long, anyway so I worked on a sketch all night and super tiered went to sleep without putting away anything in the studio MMMHHH BIG HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! 

Saturday morning I wake up refreshed and super excited , and wanted to show hubby the sketch I worked all night, and what I found a sketch redone by kiddo #2!!!!! 

I almost )Q@#%&$A)$ but... what can I do it was entirely my fault for not putting away my stuff. So I did the only thing I could do ..went back to the drawing table ( which is computer, sawing, cutting and everything table).

And finally today I can see that the damage was not a big one and now the drawing is finished and in the etsy shop!! I really liked the way this one turn out !! love the colors of the rainbow!! and love my little witches. so Im happy happy happy. 

Friday, February 8, 2008


Im hoping to be able to record most of my illustrations and the process of making them. This blog is specifically for that, and I'm thinking maybe i'll update it two or three times a week.

Having three little wee ones (4,2 and 6 months) sometimes makes it kind of impossible, that's why I'm not promising to update it every day, because then I wont even have time for my illustrations (and laundering, cooking, sleeping etc.. which I think the rest of the family thinks is important, me? not so much)