Friday, February 22, 2008

Can't believe a week has passed and I haven't being able to post anything. Well the kids were on their winter brake, and for two days little kiddo # 2 (yep the same that redraw my sketch) has being sick, not big time but enough for me to stay away from my computer..

Anyway today I finally signed in and I found a wonderful surprise!!! I got my first comment!!!!! and it was actually a good one!! and the best thing was that it came from an artist that I absolutely dig her artwork!!! (I'm proud to own an original artwork of hers!! ) her Etsy shop is called DUDADAZE check her out. I think her work is fantastic!!! and she also has a beautiful blog,

Many thanks Diane for stopping by!! 

For quite some time now I've being thinking about mermaids, but none of my sketches have fancy me enough to actually finish them, this week someone ask me If I had some or if I would be willing to make one So I went back to the drawing path and this time I feel like something better is coming out, not yet what I want exactly but better.. will see what happens, what did came out is the idea of the third and fourth drawings of my series in progress Little boy and his best friend rabbit.. for those who have visited my shop ( if you are here reading this is because you have, because is the only place I have announce my blog) you have probably seeing that series.. So, tell me again why am I the dragon? and Mhh that's more like it!!! , well the only thing I can tell you now is the title or what I think will be the title : "Here we go again" and "I'm glad Im not the horse" .
I don't have pictures now but I promise that I will at the begining of next week.

I do have pics of another work in progress... "mhh, good that we are not in a hurry"

Yep you guessed right, this is Autumn he decided to take the slow long ride home, good thing is not even spring yet , right?

Autumn is my favorite season, and all year long I look forward to it that is why Autumn makes its appearance in a lot of my drawings even when Im drawing about some other season, but some other time when its actually closer I'll talk more about it, I don't want to forget about spring..

Enough for today.. see ya next week with more pics, and less talking!!!

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Diane Duda said...

Thanks so much for the mention. I had no idea you owned a piece of my work!

I'll mention you in my next post. I know people who visit my blog would just love your creations.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. :)