Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Winter Solstice celebration...

we light our sun candle, we sing songs and read solstice stories

We make ornaments that resemble the sun

we eat apples

we wait patiently for the longest night of the year

we make our Yule log , this year with holly and cinnamon.

and after we burn it the kids go to bed ... Gary and me while we wait until morning, I light 12 candles with the fire from our log that represent the 12 days that the log is supposed to burn continuously and we meditate and do a recap of our year... tomorrow before sunrise we will drive up to a high spot and wait for sunrise. We will greet the newborn sun with songs and dancing and the kids will receive their first present of the season.

wishing you all a beautiful celebration!

and don't forget that
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Loving my little time at my studio, have to take advantage of it,Gary will be traveling this week again...
what do you think

(a child and his moon)

I will have prints very soon at my etsy shop

this week we celebrate the animal kingdom, so yesterday we put our animals on our Advent Spiral...

We made window paper stars as ornaments for our tree...

We made for the very first time ballon lanterns!! ohh what a mess it was, but soooo worth it and even though they didn't turn out the way we expected them, candlelight is always candlelight beautiful and warm!!

too much excitement for the wee ones ... Good night to you all!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009