Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

4 1/2 years ago...

and now she is almost 5...

My little one, 
every night when I lay next to you in bed I whisper in your ear.. Please stop growing 
 and you with that self confidence that is being with you ever since you were born responds to my plea...
Mama I have to grow, but that does not mean that I will stop loving you!!  

I know honey, I know,  and I want you to grow,  is only my selfishness speaking that I want you only for myself and it is the fear of the day that you will fly away from home. 
I am already missing you... time goes faster every minute every second of my life and its just not enough 24/7 that I spend with you because I know that I will blink and tomorrow you will
And that is why my little one that  I don't want to miss not even a second of your life. 
When you were born you were born with your eyes open you didn't want to miss your big entrance to this great world... and since that day you want to eat the whole world with big spoonfuls..  I know you have to grow and I want you to grow... just do it a little bit slower will ya?


Friday, September 5, 2008

some Summer pictures ...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Once upon a time there used to be this Mom that blogged on regular basis but where did she go? ohh wait.. that was me !!!   

 I can't believe it has being this long, every now and then I  loose the rhythm in our lives an oh!! the chaos and it usually happens when summer finishes and ohh the chaos is still chasing me. Today specially everything that had to go wrong, went wrong, but now I'm laying in my bed with two of my crazy fleas still giggling under the covers trying sooo hard to sleep but way to excited about all the events of the day and I look back and I m soo grateful that I can laugh now about all the craziness that was really getting into me at some point...  everything started early morning when I was still sound asleep and suddenly in my dreams I kept feeling that my clothes were soaking wet when I open my eyes I realize it was not a dream but that my middle flea had wet the bed by accident and now the rest of us were sleeping in a nice bed puddle.... so after that nice waking call and having putting bedspread pj's bedsheets in the laundry (which by the way Yesterday was washing day so all this happened in brand clean linens ) and kids and Mommy in the shower we went downstairs for breakfast and we were welcomed by this funny weird kinda burn rubber smell that I could not figure out were was it coming,  in my distraction of the smell I was opening cabinets and suddenly a bag of bread jumped straight at me falling on top of the dry cat food plate bouncing back pouring all the cat food every where,  by this moment my one year old realizes there is cat food raining all over the place and he is having a blast trying to eat every piece, but the bread bag was open and you know were it bounce and landed wide open?  Yes in the other cat plate,  YES  the one with water...   You see we were going to have french toast for breakfast we ended having quesadillas... still nice but I wanted something sweet  sigh anyway all this and It was only 8:30 am..  Do I really want to get out my house today ?  cause really something was telling me STAY INSIDE TODAY but then I thought I couldn't handle more messes so after finding that the smell was coming from a cooking spoon that had burn and melt inside the  dishwasher and wrapped around the iron ring that heats and dries the plates and realizing I wont be able to use my dishwasher for the next couple of days I decided to get out of my house before it would catch on fire so  all day long I avoided my home .. and of course things happened outside but thank goodness nothing mayor.. from the cat hiding in my hood and luckily and have no idea why I decided  to open the hood before turning the engine on .. to loosing my wallet at the grocery store with the basket full of groceries and in serious need of milk.... but anyway now I'm really laughing and my kids had turn the giggling into a pillow fight so I have to join them before feathers start coming out..  

Have some pics of our summer I'll update tomorrow.. I have missed you all,  hope you guys are doing fantastic!!