Thursday, September 11, 2008

4 1/2 years ago...

and now she is almost 5...

My little one, 
every night when I lay next to you in bed I whisper in your ear.. Please stop growing 
 and you with that self confidence that is being with you ever since you were born responds to my plea...
Mama I have to grow, but that does not mean that I will stop loving you!!  

I know honey, I know,  and I want you to grow,  is only my selfishness speaking that I want you only for myself and it is the fear of the day that you will fly away from home. 
I am already missing you... time goes faster every minute every second of my life and its just not enough 24/7 that I spend with you because I know that I will blink and tomorrow you will
And that is why my little one that  I don't want to miss not even a second of your life. 
When you were born you were born with your eyes open you didn't want to miss your big entrance to this great world... and since that day you want to eat the whole world with big spoonfuls..  I know you have to grow and I want you to grow... just do it a little bit slower will ya?


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bysuse said...

Ooooh, that so nice and with so much love. I think so for my little sons.
many hugs Suse