Sunday, February 10, 2008

So Friday night I went to bed super late, that is what usually happens every week because I know marvelous hubby will be in charge of the kiddos the next morning, and this week specially because he traveled all week long, anyway so I worked on a sketch all night and super tiered went to sleep without putting away anything in the studio MMMHHH BIG HUGE MISTAKE!!!!! 

Saturday morning I wake up refreshed and super excited , and wanted to show hubby the sketch I worked all night, and what I found a sketch redone by kiddo #2!!!!! 

I almost )Q@#%&$A)$ but... what can I do it was entirely my fault for not putting away my stuff. So I did the only thing I could do ..went back to the drawing table ( which is computer, sawing, cutting and everything table).

And finally today I can see that the damage was not a big one and now the drawing is finished and in the etsy shop!! I really liked the way this one turn out !! love the colors of the rainbow!! and love my little witches. so Im happy happy happy. 


Eugenia Gina said...

o dear! I'm glad everything could be saved.. :D
I admire you for having 3 children and work at the same time, you should be proud, mommy! :)

Jackie said...

LOL This made me giggle...okay, laugh outloud! I have SO been there. I am amazed taht you managed to eradicate all traces of...your co-artist's work!

Poppy & Mei said...

Oh dear, Ooooops!
Our babies could be related you know! By the way they look I mean...;)Xxx