Thursday, February 14, 2008

Colors have a mind of their own, some of them are super easy to use and some others... well, they just want to pull your leg a little bit before they let you work nice and smooth on the paper. And that goes in hand with printing, GEE !!! with some drawings everything comes out super fast and easy, like "Girl with her pet snail" I think everything turn out good in this one, love the colors, the whole drawing has good composition and in no time she was out.

...and then comes Antonia, she just didn't want to be colored, it took me probably 2 months to decide what colors she was going to wear and finally, she is finished, ready to be print and guess what? Im in the 12 try and it hasn't come out right... Girl with her pet snail? just one try and it came out perfect !!! Antonia? a whole different story... 

maybe she wants to be OOAK. MMMH... will think about it.

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Diane Duda said...

Came here via your Etsy shop to tell you that I find your art to be so very charming.
Love your characters, colors...everything.