Monday, February 25, 2008

There are this days, when ideas don't stop,  the more you work the more ideas come to your head.. and yesterday, while I was laying in bed with k#2, (she was throwing up all night the poor little bugger) my brain just couldn't stop. You might be thinking great!!! but I didn't have any paper around me, the little one would start crying every time I tried to standup and by the time we fell asleep and the time I woke up exhausted of course only two of those great ideas stayed with me... sad story. The great news is that my kid woke up without any symptoms so we are happy.

Other thing I found through the night was this  tree house, have no idea how I got there, I guess the typical surfing around trying to find inspiration, or interesting blogs or whatever, anyway is amazing, is one of those things that I have always dreamed of doing and here we go again another thought that wont stop in my head.

TOO MANY SKETCHES, TOO LITTLE TIME!!!! but I'm loving every one of them.

okay this is how it works, I wanted to draw a little farmer with chicken's around him, the next thing I know a seal appears out of nowhere and now I can't find the chicken's.

This is Autumn in summer, from the series Three seasons and Autumn".. He is kind of resting, cause is summer u know... nothing to do.. peace and quiet, sun, water...

but there is always something isn't it?

                                            (title: and I thought this was going to be a quiet evening)

And this is Summer, dragging the sun behind her, of course this are only scketches, some of them work  and some they just... they just need a little bit of work... mmm tons of work maybe.

And here we have the mermaids,  the last one she is already on Etsy.

And there is more, but that would have to wait for later in the week,  because hubby is trying to sleep and he kind of hates the computer light.  Bye bye!!

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