Thursday, April 17, 2008

So little M , my #3, had surgery yesterday morning. Nothing serious thank goodness, lets just say he had pipi problems and hopefully we wont need a second surgery, but even it was something simple it was nerve racking, especially when they have your baby with full anesthesia for 2 hours.. anyway he is such a trooper we had to stop giving him solids and milk at 9 pm tuesday, and the surgery was scheduled for 10:50 am the next day , he could only have pedialite until 6 o'clock wednesday morning and then to make matters worse the surgery was delay for another hour.. and you know what my little M did all the time? he suck his thumb, no whines no cries no worries he did so well and smiled at everyone and laughed, like trying to say Mommy I'm very brave everything is going to be super fine... and Momma on the other hand was a wreck as soon as they took him away I couldn't stop crying , but two hours later he came back to us already awake and laughing again.. you couldn't tell that he just had surgery. Thank goodness is over.


Victorian Lady said...

Awww...poor guy! Been there, done that. Lillian had surgery on both feet for club foot at 4 months...pure torture. So glad it is over for your little guy! My Lil? What would have left her in a wheelchair for life 40 years ago is a distant memory. She runs, jumps, and even does ballet! Give that SWEET little boy a hug for me! :)

Poppy & Mei said...

So happy all is well with little M,
What a trooper! Xxx