Thursday, June 12, 2008

So, here I am,  it's our second (or third?) week of our summer vacation, my kids and my skin smell like chlorine not to mention our eyes have turned into this redish color, our toes and fingers have grown a little bit of extra skin in between, the carrot juice that we drink every morning has helped protect everyones skin (I'm proud to say that no one have had a sunburn), our daily breakfast: quesadillas with green sauce, our daily lunch: fish tacos with sweet potato fries...  still nine weeks to go  yohooo!!!!!  I could live in an eternal summer you know?  if you don't mind wet towels all over the place, dripping swimmers hanging from every shower door and little feet marks in the wooden floors,  be my guest and come join the fun!!!  

Anyway, since I came to the States, every year I try to go back to Mexico for at least a month. This is where my parents live and where I lived the first 27 years of my life!!  but  this would be the first year I wont go buhuuu!!!!!  but that also means yohoooo!!!!  traveling has it's pros and cons  and its always nice to see all of your 104 close relatives and the other 500 not so close relatives but seriously, as much as I love to travel and believe me I do,  for some reason this year I'm extremely happy to stay home...  HOME... HOME...  HOME...  don't you love that word? HOME  it's just awesome... I have a HOME!!!! with three little bugers that can't stop jumping in the living room sofas and won't stop screaming  in our ears every day,  a husband that cooks and makes us laugh with every invention he has and two cats that sleep at the end of our beds....    life is just wonderful. 


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