Sunday, January 31, 2010

As I said a couple of days ago, tomorrow February 2nd, we celebrate Imbolc and my wedding anniversary, so keeping with the tradition of the 2's (we got married 2/02/2002 at 2 o'clock in the afternoon) there will be 2 winners!! so if you want to enter this giveaway go to my etsy shop browse through my prints and let me know which print you would like to receive if you were the winner.

So for the giveaway there will be 2 illustrations (of course), the print that you pick from the shop and this brand new one that I made for our Imbolc celebration:

Don't forget that if your Blogger profile is unavailable, you need to leave an email address so that I can contact you to let you know that you have won.


Tanja said...

Hay dear.

I most like your Good thing we are not in a hurry print. I hope I will be lucky enough to win one. I love you pictures and I eaven have two of your stamsp.

Best regards,

Tanja from Slovenia

Rivien said...

Ohhh my Dear :o)

I love your creative pictures! I whis me many stamps from you!

Have a nice day
Hugs Britta from Hamburg

Bernadette said...

Nothing is better than your lantern walk print - the lantern walk was the first festival we had at my daughter's magical.

Ursula Shaw said...

Your art is beautiful. I really love "A Winter Girl".


Ursula from Brossard, Quebec

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh golly... I would LOVE a couple of your prints. :) I think your work is fantastic. And happy Imbolc to you!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh and I love "Mhh that is more like it." and "not in a hurry" So cute!