Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New drawing

SummeR Reading


ScrapyCherry said...

this is just amazing!

Linda said...

I love it!
PS I went to look in your shop, but I couldn't see it?

the puRple gRasshoppeR said...

Hi Linda !!

Thanks for stopping by.. I sure have miss my blogging

The new drawing will be ready for the shop at the end of the week.


secretphotographer said...

You're drawings are incredible. Is there a way to buy the original drawings or do you only sell prints?

the puRple gRasshoppeR said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the compliments!!! Happy that you like my work!!
I do sell originals, every now and then I post them at my etsy shop. If you are interested in something specific just I will be glad to help you. I also make custom orders for ideas that you may have.

I'll hear from you soon

secretphotographer said...

Oh fantastic. I was looking for something bright and fun, just like your regular work. I think an artist should have some freedom to create their own ideas. Ideally sized about A4. I would like 2 one for my goddaughter and one for my nephew. For Christmas. I know i'm thinking abut it super early but their birthdays ave already passed.
Please could you message me prices and then we can talk seriously. This is something I would definietly like to do. Thank you xxx


Love your artwork!!! Browsed your blog a bit---so very beautiful!!!