Thursday, October 30, 2008

I grew up in ''La capital" or "el Distrito Federal" .. Mexico city ... the 2nd biggest city in the world with 22.8 million people.
We don't really have Halloween. Halloween is a borrowed festivity .. on that day you'll have a mixture and it really depends on what social class you belong too middle class and rich people would go trick or treating dress in costumes yelling through the streets in every house "Halloween queremos Halloween" meaning "halloween WE Want halloween" and that of course means candy. But depending on the area that you live and if you are from a lower class you wont ask for halloween you ask for your "CALAVERITA" this means little skull.. and the candy wont be candy it will be fruit, like tangerines, jicama, oranges... and this kids the ones that ask for calaverita, because they don't have money for costumes they only paint their faces with a skull... so we would have tons of big, little and even the adults with their white skull faces, at least all this was when I was a little kid, but then november first and second is el dia de los muertos!!! that is our real tradition and what a gorgeous tradition it is.. We believe that the dead come back to us for one day .. the vail from their world to our world is so thin on those days.
So we make altares to honor our death people, we make a lot of food, food that has a special meaning and food that we know the dead person used to like when she/he was alive.. we put a lot of fresh orange and purple flowers around .. a lot of candles to guide them, we write funny songs and poems, we decorate with papel picado, calaveritas de azucar and paper mache statues of the skeletons dressed up as traditional mexican women and men, anyway you can find a lot of information in the internet about "el dia de los muertos" it is a beautiful tradition one that I really love and every year I do my altar . So today in the morning I will be decorating and getting ready for "el dia de los muertos" with festivities through the whole weekend and I'll come back to share all the pics..

Blessings to all, have a great Halloween, Samhain or whatever you celebrate this weekend.. if you don't celebrate anything have a fantastic weekend.


Amber said...

Wow...from an Australians perspective that was just wonderful...thank taught you me so much.
I loved that..
I had little kids at my door this afternoon dressed up and asking for treats and my husband and i discussed how we did not know all of the meanings behind halloween and here I am reading this.
Thank you and have a magical weekend

PolarBearCreations said...

Great post!
Comming from Germany and living 15 years in Canada,and now in the US, I had no idea about this Mexican tradition.Now this explains a few things about Halloween for me.
In Germany Halloween is something that was "imported" in the last couple of years, but is not a tradition. We have Karneval in spring where you dress up.
In Canada Halloween is like in the US.
Have a great day!
Happy Halloween and "el dia de los muertos"

Flor Larios Art said...

I love Mexican tradition of Dia de los Muertos. I like you art. Great Creations!