Thursday, October 2, 2008

So the girls birthday party will be in a week, we did celebrate M's but the real party is still to come, we are doing one big party for both girls with 2 cakes and the theme will be ladybugs!! so here is the to do list:

  1. invitations
  2. goody bags
  3. decorations
  4. cake
Te invitations are already done here is a pick of the illustration I did for it, watercolor acrylic and pencil..

the goody bags are going to be little wooden boxes decorated with polka dots and inside a little wooden doll. I still have quite a few to finish and a little pouch with miniature color pencils if I have time (which I bet I wont) I would like to give also a note pad but that will be in my dreams.
Im still looking for an idea for the cakes. and the decorations I only need to do the bunting .. I know is still a lot to do so this weekend work work work... 

1 comment:

Lim said...

This is the most beautiful illustration!!! Could you pleaseeee make this a rubber stamp?
It's gorgeous!!
Your work is amazing!