Monday, March 17, 2008

Sometimes it really happens...  nothing up there.. in my brain, I mean I know I still have it but I'm just without words.. nothing too share, I have being sketching a lot.. a couple things that have turn out o.k., but my camera has being stolen by hubby to record some bits of his own engineering work so I'll share some pics in the next couple of days.
I think I'm in reflecting mode, I'm in one of this moments that make you grow up as a person but you have no idea where exactly is going to take you, so I'm kinda of an observer of my own life right now, probably pretty boring for you guys that are reading... but anyway when I put all this ideas together I'll try to put them in words and share them with you. But in the mean time I will leave you with some old photographs just because it's always nicer to see a blog with pics.

kiddo #1

kiddo #2



Jackie said...

Such stinkin' little cuteys! How do you have any time to draw?

the puRple gRasshoppeR said...

they are cute aren't they?, and how do i have an time to draw? well ... my house is literally collapsing because of this love affair that I have with my drawings.. sometimes its very bad... sometimes i just draw a couple and put the pencil to rest ( just for a few moments) the truth is I really owe it to my husband, he takes charge of the kiddos for a couple of hours every day and usually friday and Saturdays mornings.

Anyway love your comments, hope you see you often around here.!