Friday, March 21, 2008

Yesterday I was able to take a peek at a few blogs that I usually read and Im soooo excited about this award that Jackie send me!!!  it was so nice, specially after a day of having a little one with fever .. she really made my day!!!! and I love reading her blog Mothering Nature, everyday she reminds me of the amazing little things that surrounds us and make our lives so exciting. 

My little kiddo #2 is still a little bit sick so I'll come back hopefully after the weekend and I'll pass this award  to some people that make my day every day.

For now have a fantastic SPRING!!!  weekend.

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Poppy & Mei said...

I hope your wee one is feeling better & you are managing to rest too.
Happy Easter to you & oh yes,
your drawings just make me go SQUEEEEEE! Xxx